Developing multimethods for the analysis of migrating ink and glue components from food contact materials in (prepacked) food products

ROMIL Food contact materials
FOD volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu (Belgian government)

Executed by nutriFOODchem (UGent) and Primoris Belgium

Pack4Food acts as a subcontractor to make contacts with the food packaging industry.

Firstly, an inventory for the migrating glue and ink components will be set up. Therefor Pack4Food will take the lead in the collaborations with different industrial partners. Based on the migration risk and the toxicology of the components a risk prioritisation will be executed. This priority list of components will be grouped according to their potential to be analysed in one multimethod, separately for ink and glue components. First of all there will be an attempt to obtain a chromatographical divide of the grouped components by testing different types of columns and by developing different parameters (e.g. eluent, pH, temperature, buffers, …) to obtain a good divide. Secondly, the extraction approach will be tested. The goal is to reach a quantification limit of 10 ppb.

In the end, the developed method will first be validated on three relevant foods, i.e. a fatty, starchy and sour food, and after that it will be tested on 50 some prepacked foods sold on the Belgian market. Based on the generated results a risk assessment will be drawn for exposure when consuming the foods and it will be evaluated against the known toxicological data.

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