Horizon 2020 (European project)

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Horizon 2020 (European project)

Pack4Food and 21 other European partners

To address the shortcomings of long and short food value chains while capitalising on their advantages, FAIRCHAIN will focus on the development of intermediate food value chains.

This model displays characteristics of both short value chains (relocation and proximity between operators; shared social values and search for social cohesion; higher quality products) and long value chains (presence of several intermediaries; larger production volumes; improved logistics and distribution).

The FAIRCHAIN project is an Innovation Action funded by the Horizon 2020 framework programme that will run between November 2020 through to October 2024. It is one of the three project selected within the RUR-06-2020 call (“Innovative agri-food value chains: boosting sustainability-oriented competitiveness” topic, “Empowerment of rural areas, support to policies and rural innovation” part of the work programme).

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