Terahertz in practice

In the context of the INTERREG project Terafood



Flanders' FOOD, Food2Know, NutriFoodChem, LFMFP, lpca, ulco, UGent, iemn, vmicro


IEMN - Avenue Henri Poincaré, Cité Scientifique France - 59652 Villeneuve d'Ascq


08 December 2021

ca 09:30 until 16:00


Language: presentations will be given in English and French, translation is possible if needed.

Deadline for registration is December 1st.

INTERREG project Terafood

Terahertz in practice

Avoiding spoilage of packaged food is a problem each food producer is facing and non-destructive early stage detection of packaged food quality deterioration is a real challenge. Experts from France, Flanders and the Walloon region give insights on current developments and address challenges in food packaging and food waste. Potential solutions using Terahertz sensor technology will be presented. The event will end with a demonstration of the sensor developed as part of the INTERREG Terafood project. In addition to the results obtained in the project, two leading French companies in THz inspection systems will present their recent developments in their technology and Terahertz product portfolio.


  • 9.30: Registration and welcome coffee
  • 10.00: Welcome Terafood project - Gus Verhaeghe, Flanders’ FOOD (Be)
  • 10.05: Introduction: food spoilage and safety in packaged food
  • 10.20: Smart Packaging: state-of-the-art and future challenges - Prof. Dr. Peter Ragaert, Pack4Food (Be)
  • 10.45: Terafood: a THz sensor for the detection of food spoilage and optimization of stock management - Dr. Mathias Vanwolleghem, project leader Terafood, IEMN CNRS, University of Lille (Fr)
  • 11.10: Food quality control for packaged food: background and lessons learnt in Checkpack and Terafood - Dr. Lotta Kuuliala; Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Food Preservation, UGent, Gent (Be)
  • 11.35: Terafood sensor development and production - Benjamin Walter, Vmicro (Fr)
  • 11.50: Discussion: hurdles and challenges towards a commercially available sensor
  • 12.45: Lunch
  • 13.30: Tera4all: Terahertz applications in food and agriculture - Yves Hernandez, Multitel (Be)
  • 13.50: Demonstration: Lytid - TeraEyes-HV: Real-time 2D penetration imaging with ultra-high resolution
    Radar FMCW THz: in-depth 3D imaging and multilayer thickness measurement at very high speed
  • 14.20: Demonstration: TiHive - Thz camera: real time online quality control
  • 14.50: Demonstration: Terafood - Demonstration of the detection of low concentrations of H2S in trace state; IEMN (Fr)
  • 15.30: End – networking cocktail