An innovative and flexible filling and sealing machine for SMEs

FAIRCHAIN uitnodiging

On September 12th, we are hosting the exciting closing event of the FAIRCHAIN project, a groundbreaking initiative focused on advancing food value chains.

For who?

All stakeholders across the entire food and packaging chain including: farmers, food producers, processors, machine builders, packaging specialists, distributors and retailers.

Why participate?
In FAIRCHAIN an innovative, aseptic filling equipment is developed for liquid and viscous food products such as apple sauce or cheese sauce. This equipment enables SMEs to self-pack efficiently and affordably. It extends the shelf life of food products and reduces filling and packaging costs, among other things by avoiding an extra heat treatment after packing.

What to expect?

🔍 Innovations: 
Explore the latest development for extended food shelf life through aseptic filling that avoids an post-packaging heat treatment, saving costs and space. The latest technologies in air quality and hygienic design are also covered.

🤝 Networking: 
Expand your network and meet packaging suppliers, food manufacturers, researchers and machine builders.

🗣️ Your Input Matters:

Share your needs and challenges in your process of sustainable filling and packaging with us during a short co-creation workshop. This input will be fed into new research and developments.

*Please note that the event will be in Dutch but questions can be asked in English.


 UGent-Campus Kortrijk (Sint-Martens Latemlaan 2, 8500 Kortrijk)


12 September 2024

ca 13:00