The power of smart cameras for reusable packaging

As part of the EFRO project 'Vision2Reuse', the partners Flanders' FOOD, imec and Pack4Food are organizing an inspiring event on the theme of reusable packaging. During the plenary session, imec will explain the power of SMART cameras. There will also be a demonstration of the cameras and a networking lunch.

Smart Camera


9h30: Reception

10h00: Welcome and introduction project - Michèle Kint (Innovation Manager Flanders' FOOD) and Hedwige Verherbrugghen (Project Manager Pack4Food)

10h15: Introduction to imaging and overview of the 2D and 3D Imaging Techniques for Industrial Inspection - Hiep Luong (Professor at UGent)

Computer vision has great potential in the future of automated inspection systems. Advanced algorithms enable the computers to recognize packaging defects in images. But how is such an image formed? What type of cameras can we use for this? And how can we efficiently use AI-based systems for new types of packaging? Discover how the combination of the right imaging techniques and smart algorithms can solve complex vision problems.

10h55: Strength of hyperspectral cameras - Roeland Vandebriel (System and application engineer imec)

Discover what a frog, the food industry and hyper spectral cameras have in common. Join us to find out what hyperspectral image processing can mean for your application.

11h15: Green Deal Anders Verpakt: prevention and reuse of packaging - Candice Joseph (Environmental Affairs & Energy advisor, Fevia) and Imke Bellemans (Comeos)

The Green Deal Anders Verpakt wants to focus on less one-way packaging by avoiding or reusing it, while also reducing the environmental impact of the packaged product.

11h25:Company testimonials participants project VISION2REUSE

11h55: Closing word

12h00: Network lunch with demonstrations

14h00: End event


Flanders' FOOD, imec en Pack4Food


Skaldenstraat 121/A4, 9042 Gent


05 May 2022

ca 09:30 until 14:00



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