Pack4Food at the PackagingWorX Community Meeting

Food Packaging of the future: European level

Packaging Wor X


Speakers: Peter Ragaert & Hedwige Verherbrugghen




04 - 05 March 2024


PackagingWorX – A GBR Community Meeting is taking place in the Netherlands. This closed-door gathering of senior executives is a truly unparalleled opportunity to share meaningful and honest dialogue in a media-free environment.

On the 4th of March, Pack4Food will talk about food packaging of the future. Following topics are discussed:

  • Pack4Food: who, what, why
  • Roadmap: national level
  • S3 Food Packaging: European level
    – 4 themes all supporting sustainability
    – Trend: reusable food packaging & future R&D needs (cfr impact PPWR)
    — Reverse Logistics development?
    – Some example projects: Smart packaging for Intelligent Logistics, Vision2Reuse
  • Relevance throughout the whole food-packaging-process industry!
    – Global warming & increasing population: no food loss & waste!
    – Sustainability through new business developments: materials & logistics re-usable packaging
    – European legislation (SUP, PPWR,…)Innovation: indispensable engine of your business

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