Biobased and compostable food packaging

Challenges and applications.

Bioplastic bag
  • Which different bioplastics packagings are available?
  • Can bioplastics be used for packing foods?
  • What is the difference between compostable packaging and biobased packaging?
  • Are bioplastics compatible with the existing packing machines?
  • How do bioplastics fit within the sustainability policy of your company?
  • What can be expected of bioplastics for food packages in the future?


Teacher: Peter Ragaert


Campus Coupure, Ghent


28 March 2023

ca 13:00 until 17:00


This training costs €390 for members and €595 for others (both excl. VAT).

In case you wish to have lunch, please indicate this in the registration form. (lunch from 12.30 until 13h)