Innovation: Indispensable Engine of your Business

Event exclusief voorbehouden voor leden van Pack4Food, met als doel de kennis en het netwerk van de leden te stimuleren.

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Innovation: Indispensable Engine of your Business

Guest speaker is Mr. John van der Linden. He will inspire you with why and how innovation is the indispensable engine of your business. Why so many "disruptive" business ideas are surfacing right now and why it is a wonderful time to deal with innovation. Questions as why innovation is essential and how can I as a (small) company make a difference with innovation, will be explained as well as how can I read the market and understand what is going to change? What do I need to respond to? What
is happening in the Innovation landscape and what is the shift from “Open Innovation” to the concept of "ecosystem"? Why
networking and creating trust are essential "skills" for innovation into the future?


Guest speaker: Mr. John Vanderlinden (EI4I)

John is an authentic senior business leader who brings his extensive people & organizational development skills to his work in an
inspirational way. He is a passionate trainer, mentor and organization builder with a distinct international experience.
During his successful 30-year global career at Procter & Gamble, John frequently delivered skill development training, mentoring
and enabled an open (essential for innovation) culture. He has personally led both large innovation organizations (100+ people)
as well as small but highly strategic groups. Today John uses this experience to help improve the output of organizations and

As co-founder of Becoming-Aware, his goal is to improve the strategic innovation output of customers as well helping people to
get more out of their life - via a higher awareness. He is also a founding partner of EI4I - Ecosystem Intelligence for Innovation.
John is currently also an active investor & board member for 9.5 Ventures, a pre-seat corporate venturing fund. He teaches for
the Franklin Covey organization & KDG Business School.


Kasteel van Lebbeke (Leo Duboisstraat 41, 9280 Lebbeke)


07 november 2023

Ca. 16:00 tot 19:00


This lecture is exclusively for Pack4Food's members and aims to promote the network and knowledge of its members.