Free webinar - "Latest information on migration from food contact materials"

Ciboris en Pack4Food slaan de handen in elkaar en bieden u een GRATIS (Engelstalig) webinar aan.

Webinar ciboris
Free webinar

Ciboris and Pack4Food are collaborating to bring you an interesting free webinar on Migration from food packaging. An overview of existing legislation, challenges and solutions will be given by Pack4Food. Ciboris will offer results from their latest research on compounds migrating from inks and adhesives into food.

Please join us for the two presentations and Q&A session afterwards.


"Upcoming challenges in food safety of food packaging" - Dr An Vermeulen (director Pack4Food)

  • Pack4Food is a non-profit organization bringing together all stakeholders within the food packaging value chain supports these stakeholders in innovation in food packaging. A main driver within this innovation is sustainability, also pushed by upcoming legislation. This brings new challenges with regard to food safety of food packaging.
  • In this session, an overview of existing legislation of food contact materials is given as well as what’s to be expected, taking into account legislative initiatives on sustainability of food packaging.

"Compounds migrating from inks and adhesives into food" - Dr Bram Miserez (Business Development and Innovation Manager)

  • Ciboris is a non-profit organization that specializes in advice and research for the food industry. Migration from food packaging is gaining importance from both the research side and the controlling authorities.
  • Compounds from inks and adhesives have so far been overlooked for specific legislation, but as these contain a mixture of large numbers of compounds, they could be very important. Methods were developed for the analysis of 106 toxicological relevant compounds in food and analyzed in 52 samples from the Belgian market, showing the importance of the ability to detect these compounds.

"MOSH/MOAH analysis: an update on state-of-the-art analysis" - Dr Annelies Van Heyst (Primoris Belgium, Development Scientist)

  • Primoris Belgium is a leading Belgian food analysis laboratory focusing on residues and contaminants. MOSH and MOAH detection has become ever more important in the last decade, but these mixtures of large numbers of compounds are not easy to correctly analyze and quantify.
  • State-of-the-art analytical tools an new methods will be discussed to reliably analyze MOSH and MOAH in a wide variety of food matrices in this short presentation.


Online webinar


05 september 2023

Ca. 16:00 tot 17:30


Please send an email to with your name and organization before 2 September and you will receive a link on 4 September to enter the webinar