The packaging transformation: How moving closer to a sustainable future is shifting consumer behavior

Event exclusief voorbehouden voor leden van Pack4Food, met als doel de kennis en het netwerk van de leden te stimuleren.

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The packaging transformation: How moving closer to a sustainable future is shifting consumer behavior

For this Business Club reading, Monica Gross will inspire us with a talk about the packaging transformation.

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Brands are on the brink of a pivotal moment where compliance with upcoming regulations, geopolitical shifts, and evolving shopping habits will reshape virtually every market sector. These transformative times present a new reality that is moving us closer to a sustainable future and, as a result, will alter how consumers behave with packaging. The pressing question on everyone's mind is: How do we continue to captivate tomorrow's consumers with packaging that is not only safe, visually enticing, and functional but also environmentally responsible? Join Avery Dennison as we delve into current and future trends reshaping the packaging industry, the dynamics of sustainable packaging design, and its influence on consumer behavior. Discover how even the smallest details of packaging design, the label, can profoundly impact consumer engagement in this ever-evolving marketplace.


Monica Gross is the Ecosystem Engagement Manager for Food & Beverage at Avery Dennison EMENA. With a background in engineering for Agricultural Science, she specializes in food technology and wine. Her professional journey led her to the packaging industry, where she has been with Avery Dennison for over 15 years. Her role within Avery Dennison’s marketing team has been to help brand marketers and packaging developers create value through innovative packaging that delivers meaningful consumer experiences. As her journey with Avery Dennison evolved, it became clear that working within the packaging industry would enable her to contribute to a positive shift in the environmental impact of packaging. She is championing ways to unlock innovation and co-create consumer-centric and environmentally responsible packaging solutions by bringing consumer perspective into her everyday work and close collaboration within the FMCG sector.

More about Monica here.


Watt the Factory (Vlasgaardstraat 52, 9000 Gent)


19 maart 2024

Ca. 16:00 tot 19:00


This lecture is exclusively for Pack4Food's members and aims to promote the network and knowledge of its members.