Next trainings

Minerale oliën: 26 April 2018, afternoon
Migratie: 6 September 2018, entire day
EMAP: 18 October 2018, entire day
Minerale oliën: 22 November 2018, afternoon
AIP: 13 December 2018, afternoon


  • Importance of packaging technology on food preservation.
  • Composition of packaging materials and their applications.
  • Filling systems for solid and/or liquid food products.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • How to combine sustainability of packaging materials with functionality?
  • Migration

Types of training

  • Company-specific training: these trainings are designed for the company and focus on one specific packaging subject (e.g. modified atmosphere packaging, packaging trends, sustainability, bio-plastics, migration)
  • Open trainings: these trainings are intended for a group of participants from different companies. Pack4Food cooperates with different organisation for these (IPV and IVPV).

The different research centers within Pack4Food also offer training: