Food Packaging: the Road to GMP

voorkantThe European framework legislation on food contact materials (EU 1935/2004) states: Food packaging needs to protect its content, in such a way that they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could (i) endanger human health, (ii) bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food, or (iii) bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof.

In addition to this framework legislation, all food packaging materials should also comply with European Regulation 2013/2006 on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). As this legislation is very broad and general, different organisations have written guidelines for companies to minimize the risks involved. These different GMP’s have different focal points, different accents, and it is not always clear for companies how one GMP label differs from another. Within the framework of IWT VIS-traject 100942, Functional and Sustainable Packaging, Pack4Food has tried to present a clear overview by composing a cross-reference table with the four main GMP guides available (BRC-IoP, IFS-PACsecure, PAS223-ISO22000 and EN15593:2008). To facilitate communication between packaging and food industry, this cross-reference table is build up following the 14 PreRequisite Programs (PRP) of the Codex Alimentarius.

As food packaging is by definition a multidisciplinary field, this book wants to provide the reader with an accessible background into migration theory (definitions, terminology, processes), and the production and properties of different packaging materials.

The production of packaging materials is often an international business, with different rules applying in different countries. The overall framework regulation is (for some materials) complemented with European legislation, or national legislations. In some cases, all industry has to rely on, is the umptieth draft of a national legislation from another country. This book wants to show the road to GMP, to provide a guideline to find your way in the maze of different legislations on food contact materials, by giving a clear legislative structure per packaging material.

If one thing is clear in the field of migration from food packaging materials, it is that not all the answers are known yet, and maybe never will. Nevertheless, copious research efforts are made to search for guidelines where companies can rely upon. In this book, the results from previous research have been translated into usable guidelines per packaging material.

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